Personal trainers

​All of our personal trainers are highly qualified and can provide specialist opinions on a number of different training styles. 

With flexible payment options now available, why wait to start achieving those fitness goals!​

*Discounted personal training rates apply for those with memberships



Mary is one of our longest standing personal trainers we have in the centre. 

From personal training to bootcamp to aquafit Mary can do it all 



Nancy has worked at LLC since 2009, and has been in the health and fitness industry since 2001.  Nancy is passionate about seeing her clients' confidence grow, changing mindsets and getting a buzz out of life.  Not just physical for right now, but functional training that is important right through our later years. Her favourite part of a workout is right in the "gritty" bit when clients are pushed to their limits; they need total motivation, and connection to go through it and build mental toughness when they realise they did it!  



Leah has been in the industry since 2015 and loves being a trainer as it gives her the opportunity to help people feel great. She has a LOT of hobbies including weightlifting, motorbike riding, mountain biking and any sport behind a boat which means she has a huge range of knowledge about physical strength. Leah has been called the smiling assassin before as she comes across so friendly but makes you work so darn hard!



Roy has been in the fitness industry for 20 years and enjoys HIIT, strength and conditioning, bodybuilding and fitness for mental health. 

What separates Roy from other trainers is that he has trained in the desert in 50+ degree heat and in the snow in the negatives so there is nothing that he wont do to help you achieve your goal. 



Jeremy has been in the industry since 2016 and has had a passion for it since a very young age. HIs favourite style of training is hypertrophy and bodybuilding as he has 6 plus years experience in this. He will always put his clients needs first which is what he believes separates him from other trainer