Summer 2023-2024 Adult Sports Grand Finals

Summer 2023-2024 Adult Sports Grand Finals
27 February 2024

Congratulations to our winning teams and runners up.

In February 2024, the LLC hosted grand final matches for our Adult Sports competitions for Men's Basketball, Ladies Netball and Indoor Soccer.

The matches were a fantastic showcase of the fun and competitiveness of our Adult Sports competitions.

Congratulations to all teams who participated in the grand final matches:

Men's Basketball

A Grade

  • Winners: Meerkats
  • Runners Up: Old School
  • Finals MVP: Lachlan Murray (Meerkats)

B Grade

  • Winners: Younginz
  • Runners Up: Mud Crabs
  • Finals MVP: Billy Bebbington (Younginz)

C Grade

  • Winners: Dukes
  • Runners Up: Boomers
  • Finals MVP: Bryce Bennett (Dukes)

Ladies Netball

A Grade

  • Winners: Take Two
  • Runners Up: T n B's
  • Finals MVP: Katie Clayton (Take Two)

B Grade

  • Winners: Crapacinos
  • Runners Up: Thumbs Up
  • Finals MVP: Jessika Johnson (Crapacinos)

C Grade

  • Winners: Crossfire
  • Runners Up: Cubs
  • Finals MVP: Isabelle Yates (Crossfire)

Indoor Soccer

A Grade

  • Winners: Ballers FC
  • Runners Up: SSBD
  • Finals MVP: Kosta Stavrou (Ballers FC)

B Grade

  • Winners: Beyond FC
  • Runners Up: Hexis
  • Finals MVP: Lee Walker (Beyond FC)

Umpires and Officials

We would also like to thank all our umpires for helping throughout the 2023/2024 Summer season. Without our LLC umpires, our Adult Sports competitions would not be possible.

A special thanks to the following umpires of the grand final matches:

  • Men's Basketball - Justine, Donna and Kya
  • Ladies Netball - Karyn and Julie
  • Indoor Soccer - Stas, Gerwin and Nick